Adeline Dorsainvil

M.S. '12

Adeline Dorsainvil photo

When Adeline Dorsainvil graduated from Nova Southeastern University, she had a business plan, the knowledge, and a competitive edge in launching her online fragrance store.   

“When I was still at the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship, I thought about opening a fragrance business. I structured my business plan. I learned the basics of starting a business and running it,” says Dorsainvil, who launched Le Bijoux Parfum in May 2015.

An alumna of NSU Business, she earned a master’s degree in human resources management in 2012 and a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2010.

“The perfume industry is very competitive. If I was going to make a product, I knew it had to be eye-catching,” says Dorsainvil, who added crystals to the perfume bottles to give her product wider appeal.   

“The name, Le Bijoux Parfum, means ‘the perfume jewelry’ in French. That signifies the theme of the store. There are women who buy because they love the crystals. That is the competitive advantage we have right now,” she says.  

“I’ve always loved perfume, crystals, and jewelry. As a teenager, I was a collector. That’s what inspired me to open this business.”

Arriving at NSU, “I was a pre-med major. I was not doing well in the science classes. I switched my major to business. My father was a business owner and he encouraged me to get a business degree. He said having solid knowledge of how to run a business will help you."

“The degree from NSU helped me start my business from the ground up. I learned the basics, such as starting with an LLC and having your business license and product trademark. I learned how to run a small organization–oversee sales, production, and marketing. Starting out, “I was able to grow and understand the different aspects of running a perfume line.”

As a one-person shop, Dorsainvil partners with a local fulfillment center to ship orders. She has partnerships with social media influencers to share photos and boost her business to thousands of followers online.

Le Bijoux Parfume recently got a boost with selfie photo submitted by Dorsainvil and featured on MSNBC.

“That was huge for my store,” she says. “I’ve gained many more followers on social media.”

Dorsainvil earned a master’s degree at the College of Business after working in a corporate human resources department. “I have a strong knowledge of human resources law and that is something that entrepreneurs need to know,” says Dorsainvil, who also teaches business courses at Okan International University in Dania Beach.

Her next goal is establishing a mini presence inside a retail store.

“I am going one step at a time,” she says. “I plan to grow and eventually hire. Starting out, I had a huge fear of starting the business. I’m glad I overcame that fear because [otherwise] it would have stopped me.”

Her advice to other fledgling entrepreneurs?

“Don’t give up, no matter how hard the situation. Set goals. Step out of the unknown…because no one else [but you] is going to make your dreams come true.”