The Nova Southeastern University Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship is home to a wide variety of student organizations. These organizations offer students the opportunity to get involved in their academic community, network with professionals, and develop their leadership skills.

Whether you are interested in accounting, finance, marketing, or entrepreneurship, there is a student organization for you. Our organizations offer a variety of activities and events, including workshops, seminars, case competitions, and social gatherings.

In addition to providing students with opportunities to learn and grow, student organizations also play an important role in the NSU Business community. Our organizations organize fundraising events, volunteer projects, and other events that benefit the college and the community as a whole.

We encourage you to explore the student organizations listed below and find one that is right for you. We look forward to seeing you get involved!

Message from Dean Rosman


The H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship belongs to you. It is a fantastic place where your leadership potential can be realized and dreams come true. I invite you to become actively engaged and involved in one or more of our amazing, student led and run, business clubs and organizations. The NSU experience is comprised of a quality classroom experience and the opportunity to learn and grow in service to your fellow students and our community.

Please join your favorite student organization. Your commitment and dedication to the values, mission, and goals will help prepare you for successful careers in the "real and highly competitive world" of business. 


Undergraduate Student Organizations

The NSU Accounting Club's mission is to promote a better understanding of the accounting profession. The club accomplishes this goal by sponsoring guest speakers from the accounting industry and by organizing networking and social events and projects. Through these functions, members are able to network with professors, others accounting students, and faculty, as well as give back to the community

President: Alexandrea Reggiani
Vice President: Izabella Bass Klicsu
Advisor: Dr. Renu Desai

Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to create professional business leaders, through innovation, service, and higher ideals therein. "Shaping people, Shaping business".

President: Pryscila Salinas
Vice President: Brittany Nicholson
Advisor name: Dr. Rita Shea Van Fossen
Twitter: @akpsinsu
Instagram: @akpsinsu
Facebook: Akpsi Nova

Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to create professional business leaders, through innovation, service, and higher ideals therein. "Shaping people, Shaping business".

President: Pryscila Salinas
Vice President: Brittany Nicholson
Advisor name: Dr. Rita Shea Van Fossen
Twitter: @akpsinsu
Instagram: @akpsinsu
Facebook: Akpsi Nova

Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to create professional business leaders, through innovation, service, and higher ideals therein. "Shaping people, Shaping business".

President: Pryscila Salinas
Vice President: Brittany Nicholson
Advisor name: Dr. Rita Shea Van Fossen
Twitter: @akpsinsu
Instagram: @akpsinsu
Facebook: Akpsi Nova

Alpha Kappa Psi's mission is to create professional business leaders, through innovation, service, and higher ideals therein. "Shaping people, Shaping business".

President: Pryscila Salinas
Vice President: Brittany Nicholson
Advisor name: Dr. Rita Shea Van Fossen
Twitter: @akpsinsu
Instagram: @akpsinsu
Facebook: Akpsi Nova

Business of Students Sports Association is an organization that seeks to promote the development of its student members interested in careers and content related to Sport and Recreation Management through facilitation of practical learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom.

President: Alexander Tabeek
Vice President: Jodice Woody
Advisor: Dr. Peter Finley

The goal of the Great Minds: Entrepreneurship Club is to gather like-minded individuals to share ideas, learn, teach, make connections/network, inspire, and help each other. As the club continues to grow, we expect the purpose to not only evolve but sprout into different ideas. Within the club, we want to promote an entrepreneurial mind-set to those of similar or other interests. We also want to inspire people to be more than they believe they are capable of.

President: Charles Collier
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Tworoger

The purpose of the Green Sharks - Student Sustainability Club, is to educate students, staff, and faculty of what sustainability means and to advocate for sustainability actions on campus.

President: Megan Knights
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Abraham

The Investment Club is a student organization that focuses on the analysis of the economy and the financial markets by engaging in thoughtful disagreements amongst students, professors, and industry professionals. Throughout the meetings, we will go over the market as well as different securities with the purpose of better understanding market trends and their behavior. Furthermore, multiple investment ideas will be proposed, debated. and constantly monitored.

President: Gabriel Goldszmidt
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Abraham

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in colleges around the globe.

President: Sundari Palanivel
Vice President: Jodice Woody
Advisor: Monica Paneque

The Economics and Finance Association seeks to enhance knowledge of economics, finance, and personal finance. Also, familiarize students with various career opportunities in the fields of economics and finance. Lastly, introduces students to leading regional individuals in these fields in both the public and private sectors. The Economics and Finance Association works with academic organizations, business associations, and other groups to sponsor activities and events beneficial to the Huizenga School of Business and its students. The Undergraduate EFA board and members will work hand-in-hand with the Graduate EFA. All NSU students are welcome to attend events and Competitions.

President: Sadia Khan
Vice President: Davit Khachatryan
Advisors: Dr. Joel Auerbach

Graduate Student Organizations

NSU's American Marketing Association is dedicated to improving the professional development of students attending NSU through providing opportunities to learn on current trends in the marketing industry, providing tools to enhance and further skills in marketing, and providing the ability to network with students, faculty, and professionals.

President: Ivonne Sanchez
Vice President: Kistna Alperd
Advisors: Dr. John Gironda and Mr. Nick Castaldo
Twitter: @nsuamachapter
Facebook: NSU AMA Chapter
Instagram: @nsuamachapter

ASQ is a community of like-minded people who are enthusiastic about quality and NSU is home to the only student branch in all of South Florida. Quality is no longer viewed as beneficial only in manufacturing industries, but rather has become of great importance in every industry. All students of NSU are welcomed to join ASQ. Quality is necessary to meet customer expectations and more importantly in gaining customer loyalty to achieve long-term profitability, which is the goal of all companies.

President: Franklin Gay
Vice President: Mickey Dao
Advisor: Dr. Steven Kramer
LinkedIn: ASQ NSU Student Chapter and PI Alumni

Empowering our members with opportunities for professional development and career growth is core to our mission. Our members are highly appealing to employers because they’ve demonstrated a commitment to the highest levels of leadership integrity and training. If you are looking to distinguish yourself and stand out among the competition, ALPFA is the organization that can help you. Here you will develop the essential skills and establish the necessary relationships that will smooth the transition from being a student to becoming a professional

President: Georgeline Pierre
Advisor: Ms. Mignon Bissonnette

NSU's Business Intelligence & Business Analytics Student Association provides a space for the M.B.A. and Engineering and Computing students beyond the classroom, who are studying and aspiring to enter the analytics field as it relates to business, big data, data visualization, and the like.

President: Natalia Carvajal
Vice President: Maggie Abed
Advisors: Dr. Yuliya YurovaDr. Arvind Gudi, and Dario Bonaretti
Facebook: NSU BIBA SA
Linkedin: Linkedin Group

The Complex Health Systems Student Association (CHSSA) of NSU is made up of graduate students from the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship. Our intention is to unify a diverse group of students with unique backgrounds and professional experiences with the goal of bringing awareness to the ever-changing health care industry. We encourage students to develop their personal and professional relationships to help enhance their leadership and organizational skills. CHSSA’s aim is for students to adapt to the complex changes in the health care system for today and for the future. We encourage activities beyond the classroom that advance learning in our areas of interest by fostering teamwork and collaboration, protecting student rights and freedoms,  providing a forum for interactions between students, faculty, subject-matter experts and other student organizations at NSU. CHSSA views the health care system from a business perspective and will strive to take students to the next level.

President: JC Gonzalez
Vice President: Christian Amador
Secretary: Kim Rowe
Treasurer: Marie Wawa
Business Development Chair: Anita Maharaj
Advisors: Dr. Eleanor Lawrence
LinkedIn: NSU Complex Health Systems Student Association
Facebook: Complex Health Systems Student Association
Instagram: @NSUCHSSA

“The Economics and Finance Association will serve to help grow individuals academically and create the professional character needed in today’s business environment through leadership, community participation, and active involvement around campus.” 

The EFA is about taking what we are learning in the classroom and applying it to the real world. We  put on speaker events, resume building, networking events, team building events, and more!

President: Arthur Darby
Vice President: Samuel Odukoya
Treasurer: Faizan Saleem
Advisors: Dr. Antonio Figueiredo and Mr. Joel Auerbach
Instagram: @NSU_FEA

GBSA's main goal is to support and be the voice for all graduate business students at NSU. GBSA is open to any concerns or issues students are having and we will advocate with administration on your behalf to make your NSU experience the best as we can.

GBSA also supports our graduate organizations with assisting them in funding events, conferences, and general meetings.

Through involvement with the GBSA, students improve confidence, communication, and the leadership skills needed in the workplace. In addition, invaluable contacts are made for future business success. The GBSA is the Huizenga College of Business' Student Government Association and thus represents business students at NSU.

The Graduate Business Student Association was established by students with a mission to:

  • Foster leadership and professional development.
  • Create a sense of community among the graduate students of the Huizenga College of Business.
  • Work in partnership with NSU and interact with local business leaders.

President: Hassan Sharam
Vice President: Vanessa Cornish
Treasurer: Crista Cooper
Advisor: Dr. Albert Williams
Instagram: @nsugbsa
Facebook: NSU GBSA


The Mindfulness Society is established to facilitate the learning and practice of mindfulness, through which students will become more effective scholars, business professionals, and managers. In all aspects of its operation, this society shall pursue equality, integrity, dignity, and competency for the students as future mindful business leaders, entrepreneurs, and community members.

President: Isabel Osorio
Vice President: Andres Eduardo Perez
Advisor: Dr. Arvind Gudi
Twitter: @NSU_Mindfulness
Facebook: NSU Mindfulness Society
Instagram: @NSU_Mindfulness

The Real Estate Development Student Association at NSU is a student leadership organization dedicated to social, education, and network enriching activities for the students and provides representation, resources, and support.

President: Alexandra Hall
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wuerzer

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world's largest HR professional society, representing 285,000 members in more than 165 countries.

Our mission is to attain an expertise level of knowledge and experiences related to human resource management through teamwork, active participation, and collaboration. Here at NSU-SHRM Chapter, we are committed to creating new opportunities for ourselves and others to attain a higher level of professionalism in our business careers. The goals for the SHRM chapter are to work diligently to plan successful, interactive, and insightful events and workshops for our all members.

President: Yanique Bryan
Vice President: Syleena Powell 
Chair, Board of Directors: Margaret Mitchell
Director of Student Relations: Dainielle Beckford
Secretary/Director of Corporate Relations: Maggie E. Smith
Director of Finance: Perl Tobias
Advisors: Dr. Baiyun GongDr. Xiaochuan SongDr. Bahaudin Mujtaba and Dr. Rita Shea-Van Fossen
Instagram: @NSUSHRM
LinkedIn: SHRM NSU

SFSG is a team consisting of select Huizenga College graduate student professionals who have demonstrated a high level of motivation for professional growth. The Strategic Forum is an organization of business leaders from diverse backgrounds dedicated to the exchange of ideas, development of long-term personal and business relationships, and the facilitation of business opportunities among members and their respective networks. With a focus on building relationships and education, the Forum offers members powerful resources for growth, advancement, and fulfillment.

President: Kyle Tuthill
Vice President: Miriam Torrado
Treasurer: Yana Vorontsova
Secretary: Natalie Ramirez-Carvallo
Membership Chair: Chris Chookagian
Undergraduate Committee Chair: Chase Gaiefsky
Advisor: Monte Kosoff
Website: Strategic Forum Group
Facebook: NSU SFSG
Instagram: @nsusfsg
Twitter: @nsusfsg

The Nova Southeastern University Supply Chain Management Student Association is dedicated to provides exceptional learning experiences and development opportunities to all the members through providing opportunities to learn on current trends in the Supply Chain industry and providing tools to enhance Supply Chain Management skills.

The purpose of the Association is to promote leadership, networking, and professional development, as well as promote beneficial relationships between students, faculty, businesses between local, regional, and national professional Supply Chain Management organizations.

Advisors: Dr. Edie Schmidt and Dr. Kimberly Deranek