NSU Mindfulness Society

Mindfulness Society

Mission Overview

  • The Mindfulness Society facilitates the study and practice of mindfulness.
  • Participants will develop self-awareness, focus, concentration, perspective, mental agility, openness, intellectual curiosity, and other qualities. These are the essential characteristics to enable them to be effective and successful leaders, corporate managers, entrepreneurs, and engaged community members.
  • The society will foster an innovative learning environment towards self-development, transformation, and value-based lifestyle. It aims to pursue integrity, diversity, equality, and respect for all members in the university and external communities.    

1) Seminar: An introductory session about mindfulness and self-awareness that lasts for about one and half hours.

2) Panel discussion: Consists of a small group of experts who can discuss prominent topics and address questions from the participating audience.

3) Study group: This format is for participants who are motivated and have gained a sense of eagerness and willingness for continued study and practice. Currently the study group is scheduled twice a month.

4) Workshop: A detailed and comprehensive session for a longer duration (half day or full day) and presented in the context of a theme that is relevant to the participants. These include sessions for corporate training and executive education programs.

5) Field trip: A visit to an external event or conference.

Executive Board


Angelina Stilwell




Perla Sicard

Vice President



Zach Cohen



Faculty Advisers


Dr. Arvind Gudi

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems


“Throughout my study, I’ve started to change my way of thinking. I’ve noticed a reduction in stress levels, which has had a big impact on my managerial abilities at work.”
~ Angelina Stilwell

"Prior to becoming involved with mindfulness studies, at times my days were unstructured and chaotic with minimal time management throughout the day. Since then, I have improved my life by incorporating daily practices of focusing on my breathing and living in the moment. I work on these every day to achieve objectivity through concentration and mental clarity. My personal approach is to assimilate mindfulness studies as a lifelong partner and invest daily time and effort to continually mature in my awareness."
~ Perla Sicard

“Being a part of the Mindfulness Society has been such a positive experience for me, and I am rather new to the group. Understanding how to identify with my mind to connect to the universe around me, including people, places, and things has been a wonder to explore. I love gaining the perspectives of Dr. Gudi and the rest of the students who participate in our meetings. My favorite aspect of being a member of the Mindfulness Society is feeling the change within my mind slowly take place and knowing that the journey has only just begun.”
~ Zach Cohen

  • Effective Management and Performance
  • Essence of Leadership
  • Reboot Wellness
  • Art and Science of Mindfulness
  • Mindful Action, Mindless Meditation
  • Mindfulness for Advancement and Community Relations
  • World Happiness Summit
  • Art of Being Alone, Not Lonely
  • American Express Leadership Networking
  • The Paradox of Work-Life Balance

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