A minor is a great way to explore a new subject area, complement your major, or gain skills that will make you a more well-rounded student and professional. A minor can also help you stand out from the competition when you're applying for jobs or graduate school. This is especially true if you choose a minor that is relevant to your desired career path.

Most of the minor programs at NSU's Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship require 15-18 credits to complete. You can view the Course Catalog for more details about our programs. If you're considering pursuing a minor, talk to your adviser to learn more about the options available to you. 


Gain practical accounting knowledge, including a fundamental understanding of financial principles, auditing procedures, and managerial accounting techniques. 

Business for Non-Business Majors

Acquire a basic understanding of how businesses operate, including accounting, finance, and marketing. This knowledge can be helpful in any career, regardless of your major.

Construction Project Management

Gain comprehensive knowledge of the concepts, skills, and techniques needed to enter into a career within the construction industry with a focus on project management.


Learn about key concepts of economic theory, analysis, and computations and how to apply your knowledge to address real-world economic challenges.


Improve your understanding of the business environment and entrepreneurial issues related to a business or organization.


Develop skills and knowledge in how to analyze financial data and make sound investment decisions. This program can help you prepare for a career in finance.

International Business

Learn more about global markets, trade policies, and cultural nuances, so you can be equipped to succeed in a diverse range of industries around the world.


Get the human, technical, and conceptual knowledge you need to deal with the complexities of dynamic organizations in a multi-cultural and global context.


Develop a solid understanding of market research, branding, and digital strategies and get the skills you need to succeed in a variety of marketing roles.

Mathematical Finance

Learn the core mathematical and statistical concepts used in financial modeling and prepare to enter a rapidly growing field.

Property Management

Develop skills in real estate leasing, residential property management, commercial property management, and facilities management.

Social Innovation and Sustainability

Learn how you can make an impact on your community and on the planet by acquiring skills needed for roles in non-profits, corporate sustainability, and more.

Sport and Recreation Management

Gain practical insights into the dynamics of athletic management, event planning, e-sports, and recreational programming, so you can pursue careers in the sport industry.

Venture Creation

Reserved exclusively for students in the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy. This minor program helps develop the knowledge and skills needed to launch a business.