Facilitate a high-paying career by learning effective leadership skills and organizational proficiency with a minor in management at Nova Southeastern University. Acquire a solid grasp of strategic planning, team dynamics, and decision-making processes, equipping yourself with the skills needed to excel in a variety of management roles. Gain the NSU Edge and excel in your career.

Management Minor Curriculum

Required Courses (3 credits)


(MGT 2050
Principles of Management
/Credits: 3)
(Minor Electives - Select Four (12 credits)
/Credits: Credits)
(LED 3000
Introduction to Leadership
/Credits: 3)
(MGT 3020
Business Communications
/Credits: 3)
(MGT 3055
Managing Groups and Teams
/Credits: 3)
(MGT 3100
Managing Conflict and Change
/Credits: 3)
(MGT 4170
Organizational Behavior*
/Credits: 3)
(HRM 4160
Human Resources Management
/Credits: 3)
(HRM 4300
Managing Workplace Diversity
/Credits: 3)
(INB 4600
International Management
/Credits: 3)
* Business students may satisfy this requirement, depending upon their major.

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Current students: Please consult your academic adviser for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your academic adviser or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.


Full-time professionals are available to discuss the minor in management curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800-338-4723 or contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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