As a student in Nova Southeastern University’s Huizenga Business Innovation Academy, you are required to have a minor in venture creation. This minor program is designed to provide you with learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. You will learn how to identify business opportunities and gain the knowledge and skills to launch a business. This minor program, in conjunction with your chosen major curriculum, will help propel your career forward. 

Venture Creation Minor Curriculum

Required Courses* (18 credits)


(ENT 3100
Entrepreneurial Mindset
/Credits: 3)
(ENT 3130
Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studio I
/Credits: 3)
(ENT 3140
Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Analysis
/Credits: 3)
(ENT 3151
Huizenga Business Innovation Academy Studio II
/Credits: 3)
(ENT 3161
Running Your Business
/Credits: 3)
(ENT 3171
Maturing Business
/Credits: 3)
*The Venture Creation minor courses are only available for students admitted into the Huizenga Business Innovation Academy.

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Current students: Please consult your academic adviser for program requirements or access SharkLink for your CAPP report. Program requirements are subject to change, and your academic adviser or CAPP report can provide you with the courses required for your catalog term.


Full-time professionals are available to discuss the minor in venture creation curriculum with you in greater detail. Simply call 800-338-4723 or contact our Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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