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Joel Auerbach, M.B.A.

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College Administration

Joel Auerbach is a product of the New York City school system and graduated from the Bronx HS of Science and City College where he was awarded Regent's scholarships and also earned varsity letters playing Soccer. His graduate studies at Northwestern University and Columbia University led him first to government and a management career in welfare and health care and government financial policy, followed by experiences in corporate executive positions in management, strategy and planning, finance, capital budgeting, mergers, acquisitions, sales and private company management consulting.

In 1979 he co-founded a management consulting company targeting health care sector providers, academic centers, governments and private and public policy boards. This then led to a move to England in 1990 where he extended his consultancy assignments to the United Kingdom, and Ireland in particular, and other countries and companies. He established a new limited consultancy under the Companies Act and was successful in working with the National Health Services' premier health care providers, with Ireland's Regional Health Boards and The United Kingdom's Ministry of Defense. He then became chief executive officer and managing director of several entrepreneurial for-profit start-up companies (in sequential years) that distinguished themselves by sales growth, research and industry awards.

He moved to South Florida in 2006 and began academic career teaching economics, finance and business to undergraduates and graduates at the H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. A member of the faculty of economics and finance, he enjoys teaching and mentoring students in planning their careers and business and philanthropic interests. He is co-faculty adviser to the Student Economic and Finance Association of the GSBA.

  • MBA - Columbia University City New York - Business Administration
  • MA - Northwestern University-IL - Economics
  • BA - City College of New York - Economics and Finance

FIN 5130 Financial Management

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