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Hyungkee Baek, Ph.D.

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Professor - Finance


Finance and Economics


H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Dr. H. Young Baek joined Huizenga College in 2001 after two years of service at the University of Texas-Pan American (currently the UT-Rio Grande Valley) and is now a Professor of Finance.

Dr. Baek graduated from Yonsei University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, cum laude in Seoul, and received a full scholarship to complete his master's in International Business Studies at the University of South Carolina (USC).

After serving the ROK Army as a General's Aide in the Tiger Division, Dr. Baek received his Ph.D. in International Finance from USC in 1999. He currently teaches courses in Corporate Finance and International Finance and conducts scholarly research in International Corporate Finance including agency theory, corporate governance and management compensation, foreign exchange, foreign direct investment, etc.

Dr. Baek has published in the leading academic journals including Applied Economics Letters, Asia-Pacific Journal of Economics and Business, Atlantic Economic Journal, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Global Economic Review, International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, International Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Latin American Business Review, Multinational Business Review, and Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics.

Baek won the Promising Paper Award from Kauffmann Foundation in 2014, the Best Paper Award from the 2008 Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management Conference, and the Best Paper in Corporate Finance Award from the Midwest Finance Association (MWFA) in 2002. He has presented research papers at national and international conferences such as the Academy of International Business (AIB), American Marketing Association (AMA), Eastern Finance Association (EFA), Financial Management Association (FMA), MWFA, Southern Finance Association (SFA), and Southwestern Finance Association (SWFA).

Dr. Baek also serves as an editorial board member for the Journal of Marketing Thought, and is an ad hoc reviewer for Applied Economics, China Economic Review, Financial Review, International Journal of Accounting and Information Management, International Journal of Conflict Management, Journal of Accounting & Finance Research, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Journal of Risk and Finance, Multinational Business Review, and Review of Financial Economics, and is a program reviewer for EFA, MFA, SFA, and SWFA.

He was awarded the President's Faculty Research and Development Grant at NSU, in addition to a Faculty Research Grant, Faculty Development Grant, and a Title III Mini-Grant at UTPA, and a NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Grant at USC.

Dr. Baek is a Florida Real Estate Broker and a Certified Financial Planner and has consults with large multinational corporations in the construction and energy sectors.

  • PHD - University South Carolina-Columbia - Business Administration
  • MIBA - University South Carolina-Columbia - International Finance
  • BBA - Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea - Finance

FIN 5008 Business Finance
FIN 5570 Advanced Corporate Finance

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