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Selima Ben Mrad, Ph.D.

Salime Mrad Ben






H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Selima Ben Mrad is a Professor of Marketing. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration (Marketing) from Florida Atlantic University. Before Joining NSU, Dr. Ben Mrad worked as an assistant Professor of Marketing at Barry University for six years and an instructor at Florida Atlantic University for four years.

Her corporate experience involves consulting for several profit and non-profit small businesses and working as a marketing research analyst. Her areas of interest include marketing strategy, consumer behavior, international marketing, marketing research, and services marketing.

Dr. Ben Mrad believes in experiential learning and has worked with her M.B.A. students at Barry University developing the marketing strategy for MIMO (Miami Modern District) and for the City of Miami Shores in Florida. Dr. Ben Mrad is very passionate about teaching; she wants her students to conduct real projects.

She says: “I want my students to be an asset to any corporation and be able to add value to the corporation they work for and they can only do it if they only try.”

Dr. Ben Mrad serves on the Board of Director of Lycee Franco Americain in Cooper City and she was elected as the volunteer of the year in 2012. Dr. Ben Mrad has also volunteered as a Judge for the Good to Great Award at the Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ben Mrad has also published in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Macromarketing, the Journal of International Consumer Marketing, the Journal of Global Business, the Journal of China Marketing, and for several conferences such as the Academy of International Business, Macromarketing Conference, and the American Marketing Association Conference.

  • PHD - Florida Atlantic University - Business Administration
  • MBA - Madonna University - International Business
  • BA - Institut Superieur de Gestion, Tunis, Tunisia - Marketing

CJI 6303 Marketing Decisions for Managers
MKT 3100 Services Marketing
MKT 3320 International Marketing
MKT 3900 Marketing Internship
MKT 5125 Marketing Decisions for Managers
MKT 5235 Global Marketing
MKT 5280 Marketing Internship

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