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Jeff Fountain, Ph.D.

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Assoc Prof/Dir Acadmc Affairs


Management and Entrepreneurship


H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jeffrey J. Fountain is the Director of Academic Affairs for Entrepreneurship and Sports Management Programs in the NSU Business Department of Management, and an Associate Professor of Sports and Recreation Management in the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University (NSU Florida).

He holds a Ph.D. in Sports Administration from the University of Northern Colorado with two doctoral minors – in Applied Statistics and Research Methods and Educational Technologies.

Jeff's area of specialization include sports marketing, sports finance, college sports, sports in popular culture, and emerging technologies in sports. He has authored numerous scholarly articles on sports management topics with a focus on Collegiate Athletics. He is a regular presenter at several major international conferences in the field.

Dr. Fountain co-authored the book Sports Scandals with Peter S. Finley and Laura L. Finley, which explores over eighty major scandals that have had a significant impact on sports in America.

  • Ph.D. - University of Northern Colorado - Sport Administration
  • M.S. - Indiana University - Sport Administration
  • B.A. - University of Washington - Business Administration

MGT 2050 Principles of Management

SPT 1050 Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management

SPT 2950 Sport and Recreation Practicum

SPT 3550 Issues in Sport Finance

SPT 3650 Sport Promotions and Sponsorship

SPT 3900 Sport and Recreation Internship

SPT 3925 The Business of College Sports

SPT 4951 Sport and Recreation Internship

SPT 5920 Sport Ticketing, Concessions and Merchandise Management

SPT 5940 Sport Revenue Generation and Emerging Technologies

SPT 5980 Sport Revenue Generation Internship

Sports Scandals
Greenwood Press 2008

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