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Dr. Eleanor Lawrence has extensive Executive Human Resources. and Organizational Behavior Internal/External Consultant experience. She has a strong applications and academic background in organizational development, organizational renewal, and culture transformation. With expertise in employee relations, labor relations, compensation, and leadership development she has excellent change management, facilitation, and feedback skills. Dr. Lawrence has proven expertise with diagnostic, assessment, and intervention processes and instruments at the organizational, department, team, and individual levels.

Eleanor is a consultant providing Human Resource Management, Leadership Development, and Organizational Behavioral consulting and coaching services with expertise in executive coaching, organizational dynamics, employee relations, leadership development, succession planning, and strategic planning.

Her background includes extensive coaching experience at the Executive level in healthcare. She also spent over twenty years as a Human Resources Executive in the healthcare industry. She was the Vice President for Human Resources for four acute care hospitals, outpatient surgical centers, psychiatric facilities, and home health agencies, comprised of 4,000 employees. In addition, she facilitated and designed strategic planning processes, performance management, and compensation systems to include 360-degree feedback. She started an organizational behavior and consulting firm, Human Dynamics in 2002 with an emphasis on executive leadership, coaching, and organizational systems behavior.

Additional areas of expertise include Organizational Design, Development, and Renewal, Change and Conflict Management, Facilitation Skills, Strategic Planning, Performance Management, and Succession Planning. Industries that have benefited from her work include Healthcare (large for-profit and not-for-profit hospital systems), Hospitality, Scuba Diving, Insurance, and Gaming. She is also a consultant for Hogan Assessment Systems, Creative Metrics, LLC, Right Florida, and an adjunct coach and trainer for the Center for Creative Leadership.

She has been a professor for graduate and undergraduate business, human resources, and organizational behavior at two universities, and held the academic position of Area Chair for Graduate Business. Eleanor has a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Human Resources, and Doctorate in Business Administration (concentration in Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior), and a Psy.D. in Organizational Leadership.

Eleanor is a Professional Association of Diving Course Director and Master Scuba Diving Instructor, marathon runner, and guide for the disabled runner, and she enjoys sailing.

  • Psy.D. - University of the Rockies - Organizational Leadership
  • D.B.A. - Nova Southeastern University - Human Resource Management
  • M.S. - Nova Southeastern University - Human Resource Management
  • B.S. - Nova Southeastern University - Psychology

CHS 5300 Principles of Leading Changes, Collaboration and Team Science in Complex Health Systems

HRM 5360 Human Resource Development

HRM 5380 Employee Relations

MGT 5001 Developing Academic and Career Success

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