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Carolina De Leon

Carolina De Leon




Decision Sciences

Carolina De Leon is an energetic operations management professional with a decade of diverse experience. She obtained a BS in Chemistry from Florida International University and an MBA in Process Improvement, right here at NSU. Currently serving as the Senior Operations Manager for the Customer Care department at City Furniture for the past six years, she brings a wealth of practical insights and data analytic skills from her tenure in science laboratories, recycling material waste, and retail contact centers. Passionate about fixing broken processes and devising innovative solutions to simplify business operations, Carolina is now poised to inspire the next generation of industry leaders as an operations management instructor.

MBA – Nova Southeastern University- Process Improvement

BS– Florida International University – Chemistry

OPS 3880 Operations Management

Exploratory Data Analysis Workshop, ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference, 2019, Phoenix, AZ

Kramer, S., De Leon, C., Wills, B., Silva, C. (2019). Case Study: Recycling Quality. Harvard Business Review https://hbsp.harvard.edu/product/NA0579