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Darshana Palkar, Ph.D.

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Professor - Finance


Finance and Economics


H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship

I am a Professor of Finance at Nova Southeastern University. My current research focuses on initial public offerings, volatility anomaly, and the relation between expected inflation and equity prices.

My research articles have been published in Financial Analysts Journal, Financial Review, Applied Financial Economics, Managerial Finance, and Journal of Investing.

I have presented at various regional, national, and international conferences. I teach in the undergraduate and MBA programs.

I previously taught at Minnesota State University, Mankato where I received the Outstanding Finance Faculty Award for two consecutive years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009. I was also the recipient of the Teaching Fellowship Award at University of North Texas in the year 2004-05.

  • Ph.D. - University North Texas - Finance
  • M.A. - University of Mumbai, India - Economics
  • CERT. - The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India - CFA(Icfai)
  • B.S. - University of Mumbai, India - Accounting and Auditing

FIN 3110 Financial Management

FIN 5130 Financial Management

Local Corporate Misconduct and Local Initial Public Offerings, FMA European Conference, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland

Predictability And Reasonableness Of Discounts And Premiums On Closed-End Funds, Clute Institute International Academic Conference, Maui, 2013, Maui, HI

Risk and the Volatility Anomaly: A Global Analysis, Eastern Finance Association, 2013

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