Advanced Leadership Program

1 Week | 3 CEUs

This program is an excellent opportunity to examine and prepare for the dynamic challenges facing today's companies and organizations.  This intensive program will help refine management and leadership capabilities and broaden your managers' and executives' understanding of up-to-the-minute business theory and practice.

Program Description

The Advanced Leadership Program sessions focus on key concepts, tools, and techniques needed to help you manage and lead in today's challenging business environment. Modules include:

Developing a Leadership Mindset

Understand the foundation to: empower yourself and your staff; begin the journey to develop your leadership skills; become more effective at influencing others; learn how to work with groups and teams to accomplish organizational objectives; learn the importance of embracing change; understand how to become effective in an ambiguous environment; and develop the skills necessary to move from a manager or supervisor to a leader.

Managing Talent

Organizations that prefer to be at the top of the charts spend time and energy managing their organization's talent. They know that better business results are attained when talent is appropriately managed. They understand that each organization and its talent are different, but there are approaches that any organization can use. This module will address the essential question: what are you personally doing about your opportunity to get the most out of your people? These are people who know that talent management is an ongoing process.

Strategic Thinking

This module offers a management perspective that focuses on the "big picture." This perspective helps organizations perform better because actions that the organization takes are grounded in a vision of the future. This session helps executives combine the systemic system with the day to day operational requirements. It creates a framework for determining a clearer direction for the company that is aligned with the realities of the marketplace.

Leadership for High Performance

Explore the importance of leadership in your organization, and its role in creating and sustaining a high performance culture. This session evaluates high performing organizations, their characteristics, and the role of leadership in a high performance environment. During the session, participants will: discover the effect of leaders on followers, evaluate the issues facing all groups and teams, participate in exercises to demonstrate inter-group dynamics, and understand management.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is an advanced form of communication, that when used properly, can increase performance, improve motivation and retention, reduce stress and create better working relationships. This is a practical session that gives executives the skills they need to be effective coaches in their organizations. Growing and developing their staff and managing change are some of the most important tasks for a manager. Coaches are skilled at both.

Building and Leading Successful Teams

One way leaders add value to the organization is through a higher level of team building. This session addresses a number of the factors that lead to team success. Analysis of individual team behavior will be stressed. Extensive reflection of team principles and practices will occur.

Leading Change

Change is inevitable and constant. We must not only be able to manage change, but to lead our subordinates in coping with and perhaps even embracing change. This program is designed to provide participants with a broad understanding of the change management methodology and concepts, along with a complete toolbox of managing transition methods and simulations.

Executive Decision Making and Problem Solving

This session guides participants in making clear, informed and effective decisions that are in line with the organization's core values and philosophies and that support the organization's short-term and long-term strategies. It will address the full spectrum of framework and models used in decision making.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Innovation is the fuel that drives business. The many aspects of creativity are the building blocks. The blocks are used to build the "house" for alternative ways to manage people, technology and other resources. Creativity helps managers generate more options and alternatives for increasing results. Creativity and innovation provide perspective and structure to make it easier to find a better way.

Ethics, Values, and Drive

Executives and senior level managers are self driven. Often this drive for accomplishment and recognition comes into direct conflict with corporate and personal ethics and values. We must understand how ethics and values govern our business. Our drive to win is essential to our success and that of our business, but it must always be ruled by ethics and positive values, and this requires courage and understanding.



The Advanced Leadership program is designed for managers, directors and professionals who are helping to lead their organizations; business owners and executives that hold leadership positions in high-performance organizations, and business leaders with active roles in creating and sustaining a high performance culture.



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Program Fee

Program fee varies based on the size of your group and includes tuition, instructional materials and lunch. Please contact us for more information.


Comments from Past Participants

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It was thought provoking and worthwhile.

Brendan Cavanagh | Chief Accounting Officer, SBA Network Services

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David Mulhern | Budget Supervisor, Broward County Health Department

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Excellent program!

Brian Lane | Risk Manager, Broward County Health Department


Course Customization

Using core programs, we can customize the material to fit your corporate training needs. With our extensive resources and program facilitators, we will design a program that is tailored to fit your specified objectives and requirements.

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