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We are available Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. 


Tramaine Martin - Associate Director, Graduate Academic Advising
Telephone: (954) 262-5003
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Advising Team

International Students

Pharm D., Law, Dental, and D.O. Students


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Fall 2024
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Master of Accounting
MS in Finance and Sustainability


Magda Fernandez-Torres
(954) 262-5085

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MBA-Human Resource Management
MBA-Business (Flex)
MS Human Resource Management


Emma Lormeus
(954) 262-5153

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Special Students
MBA-Business Intelligence and Analytics
MBA-Process Improvement Management
MBA-Supply Chain Management and Operational Systems
MBA-Health Systems Management
MS in Business Agility and Innovation
MS in Professional Practice Management
MS in Digital Marketing


Kevin McCarthy
(954) 262-5347

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International Students (Studying in the U.S. & Outside the U.S.)
M.B.A.-International Business
MBA-Sport Revenue Generation


Krissy Pawlowski
(954) 262-5052

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MS Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management
MS Real Estate Development
Master of Public Administration
Doctor of Public Administration


Casey Seidman
(954) 262-5060

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