HCBE Registration Waitlist FAQ

  1. Do all courses have the waitlist function?
    No, only select courses will have an active waitlist option each semester.
  2. How do I access the waitlist option on a course?
    The Waitlist option is selected from the drop down menu under the Action column through the Sharklink registration process.
  3. How do I know my position on a course waitlist?
    The Student Detail Schedule in Webstar displays each student’s waitlisted position.
  4. Can I waitlist for a course that displays a full waitlist?
    No, If a student attempts to waitlist for a course with a full waitlist, a *Registration Add Errors message will be displayed.
  5. How am I enrolled if added to a waitlist?
    The process automatically sends a notification email inviting the student with position 1 on the list to register for a seat that has become available. Student is required to log in to Webstar, under Detail Schedule, to confirm the display "0" as position, the date, and time the notification expires. If the student fails to self-register, they are removed from the waitlist and the student next in position will be notified of the available seat.
  6. Can I take myself off a waitlist?
    Yes, in the waitlist menu, there is the option to register for the course (Web Registration) or drop from the waitlist (Web Drop) if student is no longer interested.
  7. Can I waitlist for multiple sections of the same course?
    Yes, but student must ensure there are no time conflicts. Student will be registered for one section only.
  8. If I am in position number "1" for a waitlisted course, what are the issues that could prevent me from getting a seat?
    • Registration HOLDS (this includes but is not limited to employee holds, academic standing holds, Bursar holds, etc.)
    • No seats become available
    • Time conflict with student schedule
    • Unsatisfied co-requisites or pre-requisites
    • Student has already taken the class
  9. Is a waitlisted course considered a registration for the course?
    No, a position on a waitlist does not confirm enrollment in the class.
  10. What is the expiration period for wait listing a course?
    A student can be waitlisted until one week prior to the end of regular registration period.